Icon Design Since 2003

INCORS GmbH is an independent software and design company based in Potsdam, Germany. Since our foundation in 2001 many major companies, small and medium-sized businesses from all over the world have come to rely on our products.

Our icon libraries and tools are used by software developers and web designers to give their products a sophisticated and professional look with minimal effort.

Since 2003 we have focused on designing computer icons and developing software related to icons and graphic design. Icon design is one part of software development that usually proves to be a difficult task for programmers and even designers. With our comprehensive collections of professional icons from our IconExperience.com brand, developers and designers can simply select the required files from a large precompiled icon collection that covers most metaphors applied on user interfaces. This dramatically reduces the effort and cost involved in designing the user interface.

We provide icon collections for all major design styles. Our icons have been carefully crafted by professional designers. All icons from one collection have the same style, which will automatically result in a harmonic overall appearance of the user interface.